From the beginning of September up to Thanksgiving, there’s a lot of time to enjoy the fall season and colors inside your home. This is a very easy way to achieve bringing an elegant look to any dining room table by making this DIY modern fall centerpiece. You will need: multiple number of small pumpkins and gourds, plant polish, a clear long glass vase or any modern container to use as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Here are the simple steps:
1. Start with buying multiple small sizes of pumpkins and gourds in all different colors and shapes from your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Make sure they’re small, the more colors and textures the better. 


2. To get the dirt and dust off, clean each one with water and dry. To add shine, buy a plant polish like this one called Green Glo or any plant polish you find at a local plant store or nursery. As an alternative, you can use mineral or olive oil by placing a little bit on a paper towel and wiping each one. Wipe off any excess oil so it doesn’t drip onto your table or vase.  image11-26

3. Use any clear glass long vase, or a modern design container to place them in as a centerpiece for your dining table. This one I am using is clear so it displays each pumpkin and gourd all on sides.


4. Just start placing each one inside the container, some facing different directions from each other and on top and at different levels to give it that textured, multi dimensional look. There are no rules or right way to do this, have fun with the design.


5. Et Voilà, vous avez terminé! You are finished! Now place candle holders and candles around the centerpiece to complete the look of this elegant, DIY modern fall centerpiece. 

DIY Modern fall Centerpiece

The finished product!


Looks simple yet elegant on a table.