Their Story Told

Business Advice & Burger Secrets with Twisted Root Chef/Owner Jason Boso (EPISODE 6)

PetiteGreek - May 24, 2019

Business Advice & Burger Secrets with Twisted Root Chef/Owner Jason Boso (EPISODE 6) Chef Jason Boso, Founder/CEO of Twisted Root Burger Company, invites us into his restaurant and kitchen where we learn his secrets of cooking the perfect burger and why his freshly made french fries take up to 24 hours to make; plus he gives some fantastic advice for all entrepreneurs starting a business, …

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Wine & Fitness = a Balanced Life (EPISODE 5)

PetiteGreek - December 14, 2018

Need an accountability partner for your exercise routine? Need someone to help plan your weekly meals and learn how to order when eating out? Learn why it’s ok to have wine, still be healthy and not feel guilty. Hear how Squat Now Wine Later can get you on track for the new year and live a balanced life!  Ashley Conneely of Squat Now Wine Later …

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Living Life with Passion and Adventure with Parker Williams (episode 3)

PetiteGreek - March 17, 2017

“Life needs to feel like a little bit of an adventure” says Parker Williams, founder of The Ride House Indoor Cycling Studio in Dallas, Texas. A serial entrepreneur, Parker believes living his life with passion and adventure while adding some fun is always the goal. Just two and a half years ago, he was a live auctioneer in Los Angeles for celebrity charity galas as well as …

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Dreams of Being a Judge Turns Fashionable with Leah Frazier (episode 2)

PetiteGreek - January 18, 2017

When Leah graduated cum laude from her Bachelor of Science degree, she went on to law school and graduated with dreams of being a judge, but her heart was telling her something different…fashion was calling her name and she jumped in feet first. Find out more about this dynamic, stylish entrepreneur who owns several companies and is so fun to talk business and life with, …

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Kissing Becomes Profitable with Dallas Robinson (episode 1)

PetiteGreek - October 6, 2016

Little did Dallas Robinson realize his main focus in high school, sports and girls would later turn into a profitable career and land him an opportunity of a lifetime. Watch this episode of PetiteGreek’s THEIR STORY TOLD featuring Dallas Robinson as he tells his story of being an ambitious college student who invents a product that lands him on Shark Tank, wins a partnership with Mark Cuban …

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