Don’t expect to see piñatas, colorful decor or traditional Mexican music playing in the background, this isn’t that type of Mexican restaurant. Amazing, blow your mind food and great service is what Cosme is all about.

Walking in you see clean lines with a very simple decor. Concert floors but warmed with wood tables, chairs and shelving with books and wine glasses surrounding the entire restaurant. The bar and cocktail tables are in front near the reception area, as you walk in, the energy quickly hits you. Drinks flowing and upbeat music fills the space.

You know it’s going to be good when the cocktail menu is listed with fresh ingredients, flavors you wouldn’t usually mix together but come together so magically you want more. The cocktails come with large square ice cubes and dusted just on one side of the glass with cinnamon or some other flavor to accompany the cocktail.

When trying new places that has amazing reviews, always asking the waiter what their speciality and most popular items are is key. This will give you the best dishes to choose from and taste, you usually can’t go wrong. Cosme dishes are best for sharing; the portions are large enough for two to three people and will fill you up.

I’m a dessert lover, sometimes I wish I wasn’t. But at Cosme, having one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted was an experience in itself! This was a game changer…called the Husk Meringue, Corn Mousse. It came out looking like a grey meringue that was broken open, oozing yellow stuff…this is the only way to describe it, or it possibly looked like something freeze dried that only astronauts eat. But don’t let this fool you, after I dove into the crunchy meringue and yellow ooze, I was speechless. The flavors were incredible and I wanted to eat the entire thing by myself, luckily there were two others sharing it with me. Once again, AMAZING!

As I looked around, I saw a mixture of clientele from business people to Millennials and locals enjoying a night out on a Monday night. It was buzzing and the energy was high.

I HIGHLY recommend Cosme. Plan well enough in advance to get reservations. Or if you are lucky like I was, it was 4pm on a Monday evening, I jumped on Open Table and saw there was a 6pm opening. It was early (especially based on NYC standards) but I took the opening which was worth feeling like a senior citizen going after the early bird special, not that there’s anything wrong with that…my 70+ year old, hip as hell Mother went with me and loved every minute.

If you go, please let me know how you like it, I would love to hear your thoughts, especially on the space ooze dessert. Click here to see their website for the full menu and more information.

Bon Appetite!

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Photos by PetiteGreek on iPhone 6