Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and the pressure of making dinner reservations, ordering flowers, and getting just the right gift is stressful. To make things a little easier, you can design your own floral arrangements by buying flowers from your local florist, farmers market, or store and creating a personal touch for your Valentine. Here are some easy steps:

Disclaimer: Flowers from the grocery store are not the same quality as buying flowers from your local florist. Just know if you purchase flowers from your local florist they will last longer due to higher quality product, care and have not been subjected to a long transportation process to your grocery store. Receiving a floral arrangement from a trained floral designer is special and beautiful, nothing compares. I support local florists and floral designers because I am one, I’m just giving you other options and ideas…it’s good to have options. 

Tools needed for a Tulip floral arrangement

Tools needed for a Tulip floral arrangement.

Step 1: Buy two bunches (10 stems each) of Tulips at the local florist, farmers market or store. Pick two colors that compliment each other. I’ve chosen purple and lavender. Grab some scissors or floral clippers, buy a mason jar or small 5 inch container with a wide opening. Get some nice satin ribbon to tie around the jar to add some Valentine flare. I chose grey satin ribbon.



Cut stems at an angle.


Cluster both Tulip bunches together.

Step 2: Gather each bunch of tulip and cut on an angle about 4 inches or so off of the stems. The tulips should sit right at the base of the jar opening. If the tulips are still too tall, keep cutting until they sit at the base of the jar. After cutting both tulip bunches, gather each bunch and cluster tightly together.

Two bunches tightly clustered and placed in jar.

Two bunches tightly clustered and placed in jar.

Step 3: Once you gather both tulip bunches, holding tightly but not too tight, the stems will break easily, then place right inside the jar or container. They should set right in, then carefully adjust some that look out of place. You should have each color, one on each side.

Spray on tulips to give them a shine.

Spray on Tulips to give them a shine.

Step 4: Buy Green Glo at a local nursery or floral warehouse and spray lightly on the tulips. It’s very concentrated so try not to over spray. If you can’t find Green Glo, use olive oil by pouring some on a paper towel and gently wiping each petal. This is an option, you don’t have to have shiny tulips, they look just as nice without the shine.



The final look!

The final look!

Step 5: Tie the ribbon around the jar in a knot, et voilà you’re finished! This is a perfect gift for your sweetheart or for a sweet friend.