Being a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day with not a lick of Irish roots in me, I am a proud Irishman 100% on this holiday. The true Irish have a great way about them; life is simple, all you need is a pub and your family and friends around you and life is great. Plus a few pub songs to sing. The Irish are such friendly, happy people and most of them I spoke with knew their history like the back of their hand, so impressive. 

I experienced seeing this when I was in Dublin, Ireland a few months ago and not only do they have amazing pubs, and their pubs are their life force bringing a long day to and end, but it’s a very modern city! I was blown away by their beautiful, modern architecture in between all the quaint old-style pubs and storybook buildings that you see in books and movies. The city has a great combination of both with the River Liffey running right through the middle, being located at the mouth of Ireland’s east coast.

Dublin meaning, “town of the hurdled ford” is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and most populous city in Ireland. The English name for the city is derived from the Irish name Dubhlinn meaning “black pool.” One of the oldest landmarks in Dublin, Ireland is the Dublin Castle dating back from 1204, completed in 1230 as a defense for the city, the administration of justice and for the protection of the king’s treasure.

One of the newest buildings built is the CCD, the Convention Centre Dublin. Opened in September 2010, this beautiful glass angled tube like structure was designed by American-Irish architect Kevin Roche. This international conference and event venue overlooks the River Liffey and can hold up to 8,000 people. More beautiful glass, modern buildings were all around nestled in between historical buildings which gave this city such unique charm.

From the amazing golf clubs and outdoor activities to incredible history, museums, and festivals, I’m not even scratching the surface of what there is to do and see in this incredible city. Unfortunately I had only one day here but hope to see more next time, especially the Cliffs of Moher. Sorry, my weak attempt of a play on words…

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Photos by PetiteGreek on iPhone 6