The closest thing to a high end Greek dining experience without sitting next to the Mediterranean sea is dining at Estiatorio Milos NYC. I absolutely love this restaurant.

The long, flowy white, sheer drapery against a white washed, modern setting is a gorgeous place that transports you straight to Greece the minute you walk through the door. Fresh, just caught whole fish sit on large beds of ice in which you walk along with your server as he gives you a tour of their open fish market while choosing your entree.

The minute the plate of warm bread is brought to your table, extra-virgin olive oil is poured into a small container, then fresh oregano is added by snipping off from a small, decorative oregano plant in the middle of your table. So simple but everything is incredibly fresh and elegant surrounding you.

The extensive Greek wine menu may overwhelm you but the servers are very knowledgable and will guide you along to your specific wine tastes. Suggestions of meze (appetizers) do not disappoint. Their signature meze is a stack of thinly sliced, lightly fried eggplant and zucchini on a bed of Tzatziki sauce and kefalograviera cheese, saganaki style. You.can’t.stop.eating.this. Also grilled Calamari stuffed with cretan anthotiro, feta, manouri cheese and fresh mint and served with fava is amazing…it’s a challenge to stop eating before the entrees come.

The traditional Greek salad is fresh with large pieces of creamy Feta cheese with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh bright red tomatoes, cucumbers and thinly sliced onions.

The fish you order by the pound is grilled to perfection, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, capers and herbs, so light with wonderful flavor. A whole fish will serve a table of four, which I recommend since you ate your face off before your entree even showed up.

But then there is dessert…yes you must. Greek desserts (I may be biased) are in an entirely separate food category in my book. Milo’s desserts tastes just like Yiayia (Grandma) baked them hot from her oven in the back. On the islands of Greece, you will experience Yiayia is actually baking them.

Loukoumades are on the menu and when a restaurant does them right, you know the rest of the menu is delicious. Round fried dough, dipped in cinnamon and their tyme-honey syrup is absolute heaven. Described as “fritters” on the menu, the puffy dough clouds of warm honey and cinnamon is something you don’t forget. An absolute favorite of mine is Galaktobouerko, a warm custard with layered phyllo dough lightly baked covered in tyme-honey syrup poured over the top. I suggest sharing both desserts with a table of four or more, just a bite or two of each will give you that satisfaction that you’ve completed a meal fit for the gods.

Estiatorio Milos has other locations in Montreal, Vegas, Miami, London and Athens, each one a bit different but all a very beautiful dining experience. Click here to check out their website for the full menu and information.

Καλη Ορεξη!

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Photos by PetiteGreek on iPhone 6