It’s a Picnic at Quincy’s Chicken Shack

Think of last time you had a good old fashion picnic with fried chicken, corn on the cob, red checkered napkins and a cold beer, while avoiding the ants and the dogs. I had the golden opportunity to try the new Quincy’s Chicken Shack in Coppell, TX last night and these memories came flooding back but this experience was 100 times better than any backyard picnic I’ve attended, sorry Grandma and Grandpa.

Let’s just cut to the chase and discuss the chicken…one word, amazeballs! I doubt this word is in the Webster dictionary but it’s the only word I can use that explains their truly amazing chicken. Packed with flavor and no grease, a family basket of crunchy, golden brown fried chicken including glistening corn on the cob and small potatoes with dipping sauce arrived to the table and my mouth started watering. You have the option of choosing fried or rotisserie chicken and my table chose both. I most always opt for rotisserie, you know, to be healthier, but it’s like going to a donut shop and just ordering a fruit cup. Go all in if you’re going to commit to a place with the words chicken shack in the name. It was worth every bite!

Quincy's Chicken Shack

Delicious specialty drinks!

When you enter, you are handed a numbered rubber chicken for your table. I was directed to the bar which I gladly obliged. Walking through the main dining area, you walk to the “backyard” where there are retro metal outdoor chairs and tables, a very tall lit up windmill and a guitar player playing in the back of the old farm truck. The bar is fully stocked but what grabbed my attention was their specialty drinks. From a “Shoofly Punch” to a Mint Julep, I chose “Grandma’s Secret” which came in an old fashion, floral painted designed glass. I swear my Grandmother had these exact glasses in her cupboard.

The attention to detail in their decor is so impressive I found myself looking at every nook and cranny to find something unique or thematic. The wall of cans on their back wall is so entertaining, such clever and hilarious sayings! “Quincy’s Baked Beans Musical Fruit” and “A Can of Whoop Ass” were my favorites, I’m laughing as I’m writing this just thinking about them. Sitting on picnic tables inside, instead of benches, some had quilted blankets covering bails of hay to give it that kitschy, authentic touch.


Hand Held Romaine Salad

The menu is “Family Style” served all day, which comes with hot rolls and house made honey butter, a hand held salad which is unbelievably good that after gouging myself on fried chicken, I could just have this for a week straight and feel incredibly healthy. Bite sized rotisserie potatoes with dipping sauce, corn on the cob and chicken. For dessert they have a “Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puddin’ ” in a mason jar and of course I ate the entire thing!

The servers and bartenders were very knowledgable about all the ingredients as well as very friendly and prompt. I left there full and happy and looking forward to coming back, and then started counting the number of indoor cycle classes I must do before.

So happy for this incredible new addition to the restaurant scene, from the brilliant masterminds behind Twisted Root Burgers and the Truck Yard, Quincy’s Chicken Shack is a winner, winner chicken dinner!

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Photos by PetiteGreek on iPhone 6